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Siding Installation & Stone Veneers

Team Vinyl and Roofing Co. is your trusted source for quality vinyl siding, stone veneers, and proper siding insulation. We are dedicated to providing solutions that save you money while adding value to your home and protecting you from the elements. Proper siding insulation can protect your home from temperature extremes and works in tandem with your roof ventilation.

Siding Insulation Underlayment

Insulation underlayment should be installed before your vinyl siding. Whether your project consists of new construction, removing existing old siding, or residing over your home or business's original siding, Green Guard™ is the nation's leading brand of siding underlayment, simply proven to be the wisest choice of contractors and homeowners alike.

Green Guard Underlayment:

• Made of Extruded Polystyrene (XPS), These Underlayments Provide Superior
• Moisture Resistance & Are Perforated to Allow Moisture Vapor to Escape
• They Do Not Absorb Water, Are Not a Food Source for Mold, & Are Not Subject to Moisture-Related Damage & Deterioration
• They Also Retain Their Insulating Properties over Time
• All of Our Underlayment's Are Designed to Lay Flat, Giving Siding a Smooth, Even Finish
• They Are Lightweight & Durable, so They Cut Easily without Crumbling
• When Every Penny Counts, You Can Rely on the Performance of Our Most Economical Fanfold Siding Underlayment's
•  The Q-Series Products Have an Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS) Core with High-Impact Polystyrene Cap Sheets on Both Sides, Which Make It 1 of the Most Durable Products Currently Available
•  These Products Are Also Perforated to Allow Potentially Harmful Moisture Vapor to Escape so That It Does Not Become Trapped in the Wall
•  Also Saving Your Family Money on Heating & Cooling Costs

Mastic Siding Home Exteriors by Ply Gem

Mastic is Team Vinyl's preferred siding brand for product performance that reaches far beyond expectations. For nearly 70 years, home improvement professionals and homeowners alike have trusted Mastic™ by Ply Gem™. The first company to produce vinyl siding, Mastic, has long been an established leader in innovative home exterior product design and engineering and continues to lead the industry with advanced design features that deliver premium quality and superior performance.

Lap Siding

The simple lines and ease of installation have made lap siding the most popular cladding for homes. The vinyl siding styles today include many different textures, shadow lines, and colors to meet individual preferences. Mastic offers 13 different traditional lap siding product lines, with standard lap panels from 3" to 7", Dutch Lap profiles, and smooth or multiple wood grain finish options.

Vertical Siding

Vertical siding comes in different profiles and dimensions to accommodate a wide variety of design styles. Vertical siding has become very popular as an accent element or design feature. Because the pattern of vertical lines can have a very powerful effect, it is an excellent choice for entryways, low porch walls, gables, and dormers.

Shakes & Shingles

Shakes and shingles trace their history throughout American home styles. The rough split look of Mastic's Cedar Discovery Hand Split Shakes or the more uniform look of Perfection 5" or 7" shingle all offer an authentic appearance, but they eliminate the significant weakness of real wood products - wood rot. With Cedar Discovery, you can enjoy the true American look of wood, but without the lifetime of maintenance or repair needed with real wood products.

Stone Veneer

As an accent or the main attraction Ply Gem Stone has a remarkable talent for setting the tone and defining the character of a building interior or exterior. Each piece is carefully hand crafted to exhibit nature's finest hues, unique texture and authentic details. Ply Gem Stone is also tested and proven. One of the few stone veneer products to be submitted for ICC Evaluation Service approval, Ply Gem Stone is a beautiful and reliable way to achieve this popular look for your home. Molded from real stones, but lighter weight, Ply Gem Stone is an affordable, easy way to add lasting curb appeal and character to your home or project's exterior or interior.

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